ME Brussels


The EngLife Multiplier Event in Brussels took place on the 7th of June 2023.

Märt Aro, co-founder of N8 and DreamApply, represented the EngLife Partnership during an event held at the Press Club in Brussels and co-organised by the European Commission and Sustainable Value Hub. This event primarily focused on discussing the need for education development to ensure a sustainable future for Europe. Various aspects of education development needs were discussed, especially considering the needs for digital transformation and green transformation, as the event was held during the EU GreenWeek.

The panels were designed to represent various sectors: policy makers, private sector and youth. Moderators: Maria Ramos a TRT World Anchor and Dr. Michael A. Rupp the Head of Sector for the European Green Deal at the European Commission.

The speakers: Beatrice Biolcati Rinaldi from the European Commission, Matteo Vespa - President, European Students Union, Ellen Wasylina President of the Trocadero Forum, Giles Dickson CEO of WindEurope, Valeria Giannotta Director of CESPI Academy, Véronique van Haaften ESG Consultant, Antoine Dubois PhD candidate - University of Liege, Paola Di Marzo - Project Officer - Erasmus Student Network, Eliza de Waard Aquila Capital, Märt Aro Co-founder of N8 and DreamApply, contributed immensely to the engaging conversations that took place during the event. Their expertise and commitment provided profound insights that enriched the understanding of the topic.

Märt Aro presented key points from the EngLife Policy Recommendation prepared as our project’s Intellectual Output. He explained to the audience how the need to support teachers with modern tools and methodologies for learning as well as teacher training should not only be a part of policy but also of practice.

The discussions held during the event were both enlightening and thought-provoking. The diverse range of perspectives shared by the panellists fostered a comprehensive exploration of practices, offering innovative solutions to address the challenges we face in creating a better future. It was truly inspiring to witness these influential voices come together, offering their expertise and sharing their visions for a more sustainable world.