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EngLife Final Conference

Created Date

Our EngLife Final Conference this week was our last joint activity as the Englife Partnership and at the same time a very successful event.

?Multiplier Launch Event - ME Warsaw, Poland - EngLife

ME Warsaw

Created Date

Multiplier Event in Warsaw took place right after EngLife Final Conference. It was led by Aneta Juźwin, Vice-Principal of CLV LO and English Language Teacher.

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TPM4 - Warsaw, Poland

Created Date

Our last Transnational Project meeting took place on the 14th June in Warsaw, Poland. CLV LO Warsaw was our host.

?Multiplier Launch Event - ME Ganochora, Greece - EngLife

ME Greece

Created Date

The Multiplier Event presentation for the Erasmus project, that took place at Platon Greece in Ganochora, focused on the implementation of the Englife methodology and the use of technological tools for educational purposes.


?Multiplier Launch Event - ME Brussels, Belgium - EngLife

ME Brussels

Created Date

The EngLife Multiplier Event in Brussels took place on the 7th of June 2023.

?Multiplier Launch Event - ME Dubiecko, Poland - EngLife

ME Dubiecko

Created Date

The EngLife Multiplier Event in Dubiecko took place on the 31st of May 2023.

?Multiplier Launch Event - ME Belgrade, Serbia - EngLife

ME Serbia

Created Date

The Multiplier Event for the EngLife project was held successfully on Friday May 26th, 2023 at International School, Serbia, Belgrade 45 Šumatovačka Street.

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TPM3 - Soverato, Italy

Created Date

Our third Transnational Project Meeting took place on 21st March 2023. This time we were hosted by ITT Malafarina school in Soverato, Italy.

?Multiplier Launch Event - ME Soverato, Italy - EngLife

ME Italy

Created Date

During our visit in Soverato, Italy, where we were hosted by ITT Malafarina School, our partnership representatives participated in the EngLife Multiplier Event prepared by ITT Malafarina.

EngLife Camp for Students in Galloway, Ireland - Englife

EngLife Camp for Students in Galway, Ireland

Created Date

Second week of March (5-11.03.2023) we had our last Learning, Teaching and Training activity "EngLife Camp for Students". This activity served as an end-of-project cultural exchange which was engaging selected EngLife students from project partner schools.

?Multiplier Launch Event - ME Galway, Ireland - EngLife

ME Ireland

Created Date

First EngLife Multiplier Launch Event in Ireland served to propagate the digital toolbox for teachers of English as a second language at secondary schools, developed during the project and inclusive of the EngLife methodology.

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TPM2 - Katerini, Greece

Created Date

Our second Transnational Project Meeting took place on 7th July 2022. We were hosted by Platon m.e.p.e. School in Katerini, Greece.

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EngLife Methodology Workshop

Created Date

At the beginning of June (1-3.06.2022) we met for Learning, Teaching and Training Activity. It was hosted by LO Dubiecko in Dubiecko, Poland.

?Learning, Teaching and Training Activity (C1) in Belgrade, Serbia? - EngLife

Learning, Teaching and Training Activity (C1) in Belgrade, Serbia

Created Date

Seminar module on "Exchanging good practice on language teaching and learning in highly volatile times" led by Luminar Foundation, N8 and Atlantic Language.

?TPM1 - first in-person meeting, Belgrade? - EngLife

TPM1 - Belgrade, Serbia

Created Date

TPM1 was first official in-person meeting of our Partnership. We were hosted by ISS (International School) in Belgrade, Serbia.

?Kick Off Meeting? - EngLife

Kick Off Meeting

Created Date

It was a first official meeting of the entire project team. It was hosted by the Luminar Foundation as a project coordinator.