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Justyna Gieżyńska

Justyna is the overall EngLife project coordinator. She coordinates another multiple-member Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships related to internationalisation of teaching and learning, CLILMED. Justyna believes that education improves with its internationalisation and has been working in that field since 2004. Her present focus is on an intercultural competence development and intercultural management in international education, which contribute to increased quality of education on a global scale. Justyna continues to develop strategic management approaches to education internationalisation at every level. She has a background in Cultural Anthropology (BA: UCSC, USA) and Russian and Eastern European Studies (MA: Georgetown University, USA). Justyna is president of Luminar Foundation and CEO of Studybility.

Michalina Jaskólska-Pyrek

Michalina is a coordinator and organizer. She has spent several years working for NGOs on various projects funded from the EU programmes such as ESF or EQUAL and worked as a consecutive translator. Graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan in the European Union Studies (MA), she continued her postgraduate studies in EU funding. In ENGLIFE, she is responsible for communication between Consortium members, project implementation according to schedule, proper budget implementation and to the EU.

EngLife staff - Michalina Jaskolska-Pyrek
Robert Hanley - EngLife

Robert Hanley

Robert Hanley is the Quality Manager at Atlantic Language Dublin and Galway. In addition to ten years as an English Language teacher, he is a Trinity-certified teacher trainer. He produced successful language-learning mobile applications in collaboration with Cambridge University Press, and co-founded an award-winning digital language learning company. Robert led an academic team on an EU project to develop learning technologies he now oversees the planning and coordination of Atlantic?s involvement in Erasmus+.

Alex Mackenzie

Alex Mackenzie CELTA, DELTA, TQFE, is a an experienced manager, examiner and trainer in English language education. Alex has worked in the area for more than 20 years, including with students enrolled in the Scottish government?s skills recognition programme for overseas professionals (including many in healthcare). He is also an inspector for Accreditation UK (British Council), an examiner for an internationally recognised English exam, an item writer for a UK based English test for visa applicants and an FE lecturer. Alex is the School Director of Atlantic Language Galway.

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Savina Moniaci

Mrs Savina Moniaci, Epale ambassador, carries out training and promotion activities both at regional and national level. She is responsible for the EU projects Erasmus+ implementation at ITT Malafarina, acts out her propension in developing talented school staff's potentialities according to the new technological challenges so as to let teachers and technicians share their experience, acquire factive competences, and develop their CVs in such a direction. Likewise in order to enhance students' skills she monitors and evaluates all departments acting as mentors preventing likely issues and promoting a direct and active application of multimedia and of the new methodological approaches.

Claudio Cherubino

Telecommunication teacher at ITT Malafarina, is responsible for the technical implementation of the school?s website. His advanced technical knowledge and high predisposition potentialities in hard-core web development has made him a support for building materials available for all school staff.

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Annamaria Giovinazzo

Admnistrative staff: She, as an Administrative Senior Staff Member at ITT Malafarina, coordinates office administrative services and is in charge of the recruitment of new staff, preparing and submitting drafts of proposals, financial reports, and other documents; furthermore she processes, sorts, checks for accuracy and files documents in accordance with established systems.

Sandra Macrina

English Teacher she is responsible for Europass delivery, she coordinates the Foreign Language Department and has been teaching English for more than 20 years in Electronics, Building and Informatics Departments. Thanks to the enrollment in more than 20 Erasmus projects, she has enriched and improved her methodological knowledge in the digital field.

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Francesca Migliarese

English Teacher at ITT Malafarina- She is responsible for deploying Ict apps into school?s curriculum. Graduated in Foreign languages and Literatures from the university ?la Sapienza? in Rome, she started her career collaborating with Vocational Schools as Coordinator. She has joined several Erasmus projects and mobilities.

Rocco Rosan?

Technician at ITT Malafarina and It Course provider. He has been working in Itt Malafarina School since 2002 as Technical Assistant. Endowed with skills gained at Siemens Training Center on Network Administration and Mainframe, Mini and Pc with Multi and Mono tasking operating systems, he offers professional training in computer literacy courses and ICDL; he takes care of the asset of a multi-functional Informatics- Electronical- Electro/Technical lab and provides support for all the facilities inside the institute. For the Erasmus team he deals with the development of dedicated websites, video editing and assembling of final products for dissemination, collecting repositories of apps applied to language teaching. Previous experiences are related to Health Care- Financial and Large Scale Distribution sectors, by installing Information Systems, Lan and wi-fi networks, training staff and providing technical assistance and developing application softwares.

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Giuseppe Schiavi

Senior Technician at ITT Malafarina, carries out several back office activities related to Erasmus projects management such as coordinating all aspects connected with travels, hotels and documents, ensuring that all arrangements are adequately carried out. He is in charge of editing and assembling recorded raw material into suitable, finished products ready for broadcasting. He runs trainings ranging from electronics and automation to computer and networking associated applications.

Zorana Živanović

Zorana Živanović is the principal of the International School. She has obtained a master's degree in philosophy at the University of Belgrade, but has also improved her professional competencies by graduating from the Business Academy, in the field of project management. As a teacher, before she became the principal of the school, Zorana continuously worked on the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills in students, which she still strongly advocates. By leading the educational institution that focuses on improving students' academic performance as well as their digital skills and social-emotional competencies, she is eager to bring multiculturalism, interdisciplinary teaching and learning as well as responsibility of the students in everyday classrooms.

Zorana Z?ivanovic? - EngLife
Ljubica Krstic - EngLife

Ljubica Krstic

Ljubica Krstic graduated from English Language, Culture and Literature studies at Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. Throughout 8 years of teaching experience, she taught students of different levels and age groups. Since 2016, he has been devoted to teaching high school students aged 15 to 18 at International School, where she teaches Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language, as well as Cambridge Advanced English and Certificate of Proficiency in English courses. She obtained Cambridge Professional Development Qualification in Teaching with Digital Technologies in 2018, and is working on promoting these teaching methods at school and in our local community, as well as nurturing multiculturalism and international-mindedness in her students.

Tatjana Vilček

Business teacher, and School Projects Coordinator I, graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, in the field of Hospitality Management. The highest grades I have obtained during my Master studies and confirmed my expertise in the field. By completing my PhD thesis, I will open the doors to new achievements and reach the highest level of professionalism. My vast experience has enabled me to enhance my expertise through a hands-on approach in the field which contributes to my curricula as well as to the various activities I create within school projects. Erasmus + projects were one of the key interests for me. In addition to the lectures I have given at the Faculty, my papers on technological innovation in tourism and business were submitted for the International Conference for New Trends in Tivat both in 2014 and 2015. With my top education and professional achievements in leading positions, I will create a tradition of success in the field of education and guide my students towards new possibilities in business and beyond.

Zorana Z?ivanovic? - EngLife
Milić Vukojičić - EngLife

Milić Vukojičić

I am a Computer Science, Information & Communication Technology and Robotics Teacher, IT coordinator, and expert in the field of information systems. As Computer Science Teacher at the International School, a position I hold since 2017, and IT coordinator since 2019. I've been teaching Cambridge Computer Science IGCSE, AS and A level since 2017, and Information & Communication Technology and Robotics since 2019.

Since 2017 I've been working on many international projects (Erasmus, eTwinning): Girls go circular, EngLife. I had the honor of being one of the speakers and collaborators of Science On Stage Srbija. I also actively work on training for teachers and educators as well as creating materials and courses for distance learning platforms for teachers, educators, and students.

Currently, I'm a Ph.D. student in the field of Mathematics and Computer Science module Advanced Security Systems.

Agnieszka Tereszczak

Agnieszka is a graduate of English philology at the Higher School of Marketing and Foreign Languages in Katowice. Postgraduate studies in English translation and Marketing at school. Agnieszka has been teaching English since 2004. She has experience in working with students at different age and levels but she is particularly interested in teaching teenagers. Since 2017 she is a headmaster of the secondary school in Dubiecko.

websiteLO Dubiecko

Agnieszka Tereszczak - EngLife
Stanisław Kita - EngLife

Stanisław Kita

Stanisław is an IO coodinator. For over 25 years he worked in a primary school. In 2019 he started working as an English teacher in LO in Dubiecko ( south-east of Poland). Graduated from The Catholic University Of Lublin (MA-theology), he continued his studies in Teacher Training College in Sanok ( English). It is the first time he has taken part in such a project so for him participating in the project is an excellent opportunity to learn and gain a lot of experience.

websiteLO Dubiecko

Aneta Juźwin

Hi everyone! My name is Aneta Juzwin and I am an English teacher with nearly 20 years of experience. In accordance with my motto - ?Who dares to teach must never cease to learn? - I constantly involve myself in trainings and activities to hone my skills in the field of using technology in the classroom. My interest in technology started with a course of CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) I took while doing my master?s degree in TEFL at St. Micheal?s College in Vermont (USA). Since then, I have always been an advocate for integrating technology into teaching. I also place a high value on online safety. I undertake a number of initiatives to raise students? awareness and to develop good online practices.

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Agnieszka Zatoń

After earning my master?s degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Warsaw, I entered the world of education to explore my passion for foreign languages and teaching. I started this adventure as a kindergarten teacher and a freelance translator, but I very soon realised that this was not a perfect fit for me. Fortunately, I didn?t have to wait long to find my dream job, which was, and after 6 years still is, teaching English in CLV LO in Warsaw. In this relatively new bilingual secondary school, I have a unique chance to teach wonderful and open-minded young people, and I genuinely believe that this is my true calling. What I absolutely love about my job is that I can take part in various trainings, projects, exchanges and amazing initiatives like our EngLife project :) I'm an active person who likes travelling, learning new things, meeting inspiring people, and therefore I?m really looking forward to our cooperation!

Monika Zientarska

Hello everyone. My name is Monika and I?ve been a teacher for 17 years. I work in high school -CLV LO in Warsaw and I teach English language and Social studies in English to students in bilingual groups. My students are from 14 to 18 years of age and they are very curious, open-minded, eager to broaden their horizons, young people. In my class I encourage students to have a voice, ask questions and participate actively in conversations regrdless of their level of confidence. I believe that taking up challenges thus gaining new experiences contributes a great deal to teacher?s self-development which in turn has invaluable and indisputable effect on the whole process of education for young generations.

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EngLife Staff - Ma?rt Aro

Ma?rt Aro

Märt is seen as the education innovation system orchestrator. He believes that we have all the means to increase the quality of learning experience and provide access to education to everybody globally. Märt has co-founded 3 NGO?s and 4 companies in education development and been active on the boards of several organisations. Märt regularly collaborates with the United Nations, European Union, Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, People-Centered Internet, and many others.

Petra Kucharova

Petra has been passionate about education since her first acquaintance with children with autism spectrum disorders. That encouraged her to pursue bachelors and masters degrees in special education and educational sciences with focus on educational technology. Since then, she spent a year teaching preschool in a Finnish kindergarten, established her own podcast (Mastering Finland), and currently she is working on developing educational innovation ecosystems in Nordics and Baltics.

EngLife Staff - Petra Kucharova
Photo of Evangelos Kapetis - EngLife

Evangelos Kapetis

Evangelos is a Masters of Arts in applied linguistics holder. He is an English Teacher and has been teaching in Primary and secondary education and post-secondary education institutions. He has numerous participations in conferences and congresses and has been a coordinator in Youth and Grundtvig projects, as well as project manager for numerous Comenius and Erasmus+ projects. Also he has been a creator of learning and teaching material for both formal and informal learning for traditional and ICT based classroom activities.

Mike Dirhalidis

Mike is the head of the Foreign Language Department in Platon Schools. He has graduated from the department of the English Language and Literature, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, having also completed his MA studies, in Applied Linguistics with TESOL, at the University of Sheffield International Faculty. Through ENGLIFE, he wants to combine his passion about teaching English to speakers of other languages with his interest in new technologies and discover the ways they can be effectively included in the learning procedure.

Mike Dirhalidis - EngLife
Photo of Giannis Papadopoulos - EngLife

Giannis Papadopoulos

Giannis holds a BSc in Physics (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and an MSc in Strategic Product Design (International Hellenic University). He started working in Platon schools as a physics and robotics teacher in 2018 and in the last two years he has been involved in several Erasmus+ projects as a project manager. Some of the projects he?s been involved are: ?21st Century Students? (2020-2022), ?School Innovation Labs ?SiLab? (2019-2021), ?Young Europeans? (2019-2021), ?Filling the Gap? (2021-2023), ?RESPECT (2020-2022).