ME Greece 


The Multiplier Event presentation for the Erasmus project, that took place at Platon Greece in Ganochora, focused on the implementation of the Englife methodology and the use of technological tools for educational purposes.

During the presentation, the attendees, primarily consisting of teachers from primary and secondary schools, had the opportunity to explore and experiment with various technological tools aligned with the Englife methodology. The enthusiasm among the participants was palpable as they engaged with these tools and experienced firsthand their potential for enhancing educational practices.

The event highlighted the aims of the project, which revolved around equipping teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills to integrate technology effectively into their teaching practices. By embracing the Englife methodology, the project sought to empower learners, enabling them to take ownership of their education and become active participants in the learning process.

Through the use of technological tools, teachers were shown how to create engaging and interactive learning experiences that fostered critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. The attendees expressed their excitement about the potential of these tools to transform their classrooms and enhance student outcomes.

Overall, the Multiplier Event presentation served as a platform to showcase the positive impact of the EngLife Erasmus+ project and the methodology created through it. The attendees left inspired and motivated, ready to embrace technology and create innovative learning environments that meet the demands of the 21st century.